Saturday, July 5, 2008

Where is SynchroniCity?

Where is SynchroniCity? It is a city anywhere, it is Anytown USA, and it is Youngstown and Warren, Ohio, cities well known for independent music. It is also home to RuKus Radio, a radio station that brings you some of the best independent music available today, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Music is uploaded by independent musicians everywhere, but nothing beats hearing our Youngstown bands on the radio.

The gang at RuKus Radio have a passion for freedom of expression and they take great joy in celebrating independent music through the discovery and promotion of artists at all levels of success and from all corners of the world free-of-charge. RuKus Radio is an awesome alternative to average radio programing. They utilize the constant flow of advancing technology to deliver an all-encompassing hybrid of media via Internet radio, live recordings, broadcasts, and streaming video. RuKus Radio has been streaming live since January 1, 2008. Take a visit to SynchroniCity, you'll never want to leave. While you are there introduce yourself to Moe and Sarah at the RuKus forum.

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