Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer in the City - First Annual Downtown Dash

Thursday evening was the first annual Downtown Dash. If you didn't make it I am so sorry. My good friend over at Youngstown Renaissance said, "He needs to get out more." I say if you weren't there,so do you, and I hope you don't make that mistake again as there are plenty of events happening in the city this summer. Make sure you check out Phil Kidd's continually updated list of events and I'll see you next time.

The Dash was exhilarating and the weather was perfect. It was an evening journey that started at 5:00 PM with registration. It was here that the hosts of the event provided buttons, maps, and coupons for discounted drinks,and sent you on your way to the fifteen participating bars and restaurants. The goal was to make it to every single one of them throughout the evening, imbibe in a drink of your choice, have someone from the establishment mark your map to indicate that you had actually been there, and at the evening's end claim the coveted prize of a Downtown Dash T-shirt.

A limo was available to transport everyone from place to place. It made rounds about every twenty minutes, traveling from downtown to the Royal Oaks on the east side, back to the north side campus establishments, onward to Charlie Staples,the Box Car Lounge by the B & O Station, and once again back to downtown. As Phil Kidd stated to the Vindicator, "Every bar was full and the shuttle was running.". The streets of the city were flowing with people, laughter was in the air, music was in the streets from Jones Revival and The Zou, and there were celebratory fireworks.

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