Monday, July 28, 2008

Sights and Sounds of Saturday in Youngstown...Sunday is a day of rest for a reason

Saturday, July 26th was jam-packed with things to do. Art Youngstown along with Royal Oaks sponsored the first annual Youngstown Rocks the Arts Festival. The festival was on the grounds next to the Chevy Center in downtown. There were artists and vendors of all kinds, food and beer and two stages with eight hours of free entertainment. I got there just in time to watch the Tara Dance presented by Julie Thomas. The Tara Dance is a meditation that combines sound and movement with the Buddhist principles of wisdom, compassion, and skillful means. The dance involved simple, graceful, tai-chi like movements done in conjunction with Tara Mantras.

...and then there were the 5 Elements. The band does a fusion of rock, reggae, and hip hop music.

...and then it rained and it poured, and the wind blew and finally the sun came back out, and everyone had a grand time. The main stage in addition to the 5 Elements featured November Loop, Realtime Digimon, Starlight Darlings, First in Space, Luke and the Black Hand and Geo C. Brooke Slanina mastered the art of running back and forth between two stages and serving as MC at both. I noticed she started the day off in some really cute slingback shoes, and ended the day in flip flops.

...and then at 7:00 at the DeYor Center, after eight years in the works, "Fine-Tune" had its premier. Chris Rutushin a local filmmaker brings this touching and very funny story about a young married couple to the big screen. "Fine Tune" is about a guy who marries into an Italian Family in the 1970's. The young couple find that they must move back to Youngstown from Columbus, Ohio to take care of "her" family. The film was shot locally, and many of the scenes were filmed at a house near Lanterman's Mill on Canfield Road. There were also great shots of the Royal Oaks, and downtown Youngstown. Great movie! I can't wait for the soundtrack!

...and then there was the party at Cedars.

Matt Palka (also performing on the soundtrack of the film "Fine Tune") played at Cedars after the premier. He was followed by Pete Drivere and the Pretty Demons, and The Zou and Koebel. Great fun was had by all.

...and then, on Sunday I rested.


Tyler said...

And you were missed on Sunday! But we hope you feel well.

Lucy said...

It was a fun day on Saturday! Rain and all. I missed you Sunday too.