Monday, April 14, 2008

CNN Money - The Incredible Shrinking City - Youngstown, OH

CNN's Les Christie was in Youngstown a couple of weeks ago doing a story about Youngstown. The story has been released today. The story focuses on what is deemed by many to be a radical city plan (2010 Plan). When Mr. Christy was in town I drove him around one afternoon. I had hoped that his story would be a positive one about the city. For the most part I believe this is the case. However, I think his story fails to communicate the excitement and overall positive attitude felt by many here and I take issue with his statement that downtown is derelict. There is undoubtedly room for improvement but it is hardly what I would describe as derelict. For your viewing pleasure here is a photo tour of Youngstown.

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Weatherornot said...

Happy to have found this web site. My Grandparents live in Younstown, and it's been years since I have been back. Here's hoping the 2010 plan works and Youngstown gets back to growth and properity!