Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Youngstown Club

The Youngstown Club is located at 201 East Commerce Street 5th Floor in downtown Youngstown. The Youngstown Club is a century old city club founded in 1902. It offers its members food, service, and an atmosphere unsurpassed in excellence. The Youngstown Club will be giving a 30 day trial membership at the wine tasting benefit for Art Youngstown to all of those that dine-in that evening and show their $25.00 wine tasting ticket purchase. Reservations may be made by calling (330) 744-2177. The club offers free secured parking. Business attire is required to attend the event.


TantaI said...

What does upper-middle class embellishments do for poverty and class disparity in Youngstown?
If you get a classy arts crowd and private clubs aren't you working against the general good?

Debra Weaver said...

Tantai, upper-middle class embellishments do nothing for poverty and class disparity in Y-town. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything to do with the planning of the event. I don't know that getting a classy arts crowd is working against the general good, as all artists are welcome to participate in Art Youngstown. But I get your point.

Janko said...

I think tantai has a lousy point.

who is to say people who patronize any establishment, whether upper-class or lower-class, wouldn't help others?

what we need in this community is more people from different background to come together - not rant about class warfare.