Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Director of Events, Special Projects, and Community Outreach

Today's Vindicator announced that Phil Kidd will be taking over the position of Director of Events. Special Projects, and Community Outreach. I want to offer my congratulations to Phil Kidd for a job well done! As many know, Phil started this job some time ago, albeit without the job title. He has been everywhere in our community, doing outreach, attending special events, and providing ideas for special projects. I thought it was interesting that the Vindicator article noted that city council still considers the job to be one of unskilled labor. I take issue with this, and think that perhaps council needs to be made more aware of the responsibilities that this position entails, or should entail. This position requires great skill in organizing, knowledge of marketing and promotion, budgeting, and most importantly this job requires a skilled negotiator. I think it is important that council recognize the fact that it is through events and special projects that Youngstown can acquire a reputation for being a progressive city and attract the attention of those who have not in the past made Youngstown a destination for night life or culture.

Although, I think that council needs to raise its awareness of the importance of the position I also commend them on their choice of Phil Kidd for the job . Since he arrived on the Youngstown scene he has devoted his personal time to promotion and support of those working to revitalize Youngstown. I often find it humorous that Phil manages to be in so many places. His attendance at so many events is testament to his level of energy and his dedication. I recall one evening when I was standing outside the Oakland Theater speaking with some friends, when Phil came by, jaunted up the steps, only to come running back down a few moments later, his ever present tie flying in the wind. I stopped him in mid-flight, and asked him why he wasn't staying for the show. He said that he couldn't stay but had wanted to make a donation. Although this is indicative of Phil Kidd's dedication to all things Youngstown, more important is his commitment to creating alliances, and minimizing divisiveness. He is open to new ideas, and truly understands that if Youngstown is to become the progressive city we all want to live in, it will only be created by working in collaboration with one another. We're ready, let the show begin!

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