Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Harry's Friendly Service

Get ready for the World Premiere of Harry's Friendly Service, only at the Pittsburgh Public Theater May 28 through June 28,2009. The play is written by Rob Zellers,a native of Youngstown Ohio. The play is directed by Ted Pappas.

The year is 1977 and the place is Youngstown, Ohio. The steel workers are on strike, the city is in distress, but Harry's gas station is crackling with card games and bustling with spirited debate.

Heather Helinsky,Resident Dramaturg for Pittsburgh Public Theater says, "The spirit of Youngstown inspires Rob Zellers' new play. It is no accident that the word friend is in the title of this brand new play set in Youngstown, OH. Think about it."

She goes on to state, "During the peak of industrialization, Youngstown was a city where friendship and loyalty were essential. In the mills, making steel was a team effort. Outside of work, the local bars did brisk business. In the summers, Idora Park, an amusement park built in 1899, provided good times with roller coaster rides, minor league baseball games, and an exciting midway. Residents found a good life in this City of Homes. Prior to the 1970's Youngstown had the highest rate of home ownership in the United States. Youngstown held the promise of the American dream until September 19, 1977 when the Lykes Corporation, a southern based conglomerate, pulled out of Youngstown and left the workers stranded. This started a chain reaction that toppled industry in the region."

The play is at the Pittsburgh Public Theater located in the O'Reilly Theater at 621 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. Tickets are $30.50 - $49.50. Tickets are available on-line at Pittsburgh Public Theater. There are also some 30% discounts available. The discounted tickets range from $21.85- $35.15. Tickets for students and those under 25 are $15.50(bring a valid ID). To secure your 30% discount contact Becky at (412) 315-8220 ext. 703 or by e-mail at rrickard@ppt.org. Becky is also available to speak with your group or organization about the play. You can schedule her to speak by contacting her at 412-316-8200 ext. 704.

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