Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blueprint America

I am rather opinionated about the need for public transportation throughout the country in general, but especially in the industrial northeast and Midwest as our urban areas are relatively close to one another. In this age of climate change it is time to move beyond our reliance on the automobile and move toward public transportation in cities and rail service between cities. It is time to revisit the city plan that encourages walking, and biking, taking the bus, the street car or the train. It is my belief that if we make investments such as this, we will reduce our overall carbon footprint and also increase the livability of our cities.

There is currently a remarkable program airing on PBS called Blueprint America. I highly recommend it. If by chance you have missed it you may view it here. Please check it out and then, as always, I urge you to contact your representatives at the local, state and federal level and let them know that you want investment in public transit.

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