Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cedars Lounge -International Pop Overthrow

This past weekend Cedars hosted the International Pop Overthrow .Unfortunately,I didn't make it to all of the shows,but I did make it Saturday night to hear the band Blue Ash and I had a fine time! Kudos to Cedars for bringing this festival to Youngstown. I'll look forward to next year's show.

David Bash, Founder and CEO states in the festival program, "It's about the camaraderie bands feel for one another when they realize that everyone on the bill is really good!"

He also explained that its about fans discovering artists that they might not otherwise be exposed to. Most importantly he says, "International Pop Overthrow is about people who have a passion, whether that passion is to play some of the best melodic pop music you've ever heard,or to help create a forum where this music can be heard."

Bash speaks the truth, as the bands Saturday night incited the fans to a state of passion that was palpable. For more on the show check out a more complete review written by my good friend Kid Charlemagne at Power Pop

Check out Blue Ash:

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