Monday, July 6, 2009

Alice and Staughton Lynd

Tonight at 7:00 at the Unitarian Church located at 1105 Elm Street in Youngstown, Alice and Staughton Lynd will discuss their new memoir Stepping Stones.

Their story is one of a resolute struggle for civil liberties. Staughton Lynd's quite bearing and softly spoken words have angered and upset many of the powers-that-be in politics. Today, he and his wife Alice, also a lawyer, continue the struggle for worker and prisoner rights.

I believe that Staughton Lynd's response when asked what his hopes were for Wobblies and Zapatistas, provides an excellent window from which to view his philosophy.

He remarked, "On the Internet this morning (December 20, 2008) one reads of an Iraqi journalist throwing his shoes at President Bush, of Israeli 12th graders refusing to be part of a military occupying the West Bank, of rank-and-file Greek workers occupying the offices of the trade union federation to prevent that bureaucratic organization from suppressing the spontaneous happenings in the streets and local town halls. Such courageous acts need to be understood as something broader than the conscientious refusal of individuals to become part of the pattern of things intended by last-stage capitalism and its creature, the state. That broader resistance began with the 'Basta!' (enough) of the Zapatistas and with their idea of 'mandar obediciendo': those in positions of authority must govern in obedience to what Marcos calls 'the below,' that is, us..."

Here is a photo of Staughton Lynd lecturing to the Freedom School Teachers. Staughton was director of the Freedom Schools in the Freedom Summer Project.

Please come out to the Universal Cafe tonight to hear the story of Alice and Staughton Lynd. Books will be available for purchase. There is an admission donation of $3.00 at the door. Light refreshments will also be available for purchase. Doors open at 6:30.

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