Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mock Revolution Presents

Greg Mocker at Mock Revolution has created an excellent film that features Staughton Lynd, lawyer and civil rights activist,explaining how he became involved in the plight of the Lucasville Five. It also tells the story about how the Lucasville riot became a play. The play was recently performed live at the Fringe Festival in New York city.

Mocker is currently working on documentaries in New York. This, his latest, is listed on which is Al Gore's website and station. It is said, "This is the site where people in the know find out things."

Please go to the site and click on the piece. Let's get its ranking up, the media and cable are paying attention. This is an important issue. The more coverage of the story, the greater understanding of not only the plight of the Lucasville 5, but also the plight of many others who have been unjustly caught up in the criminal justice system.


LucasvilleThePlay said...

Thank you for promoting this Debbie. Great documentary, don't you think? Kudos to Greg for all his hard work. Folks can also go to the ACLU of Ohio website (, type in Lucasville Justice Project and sign the petition urging Governor Strickland to appoint a special commission to review the injustices surrounding the Lucasville uprising. Also check out, another of Greg's creative endeavors. We CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! Peace

Anonymous said...

Im so glad you are promoting it too. The enormity of the injustices suffered by the Lucasville five and fellow prisoners is mindboggling. (Not to mention appalling). By keeping the message alive, I agree that we can make a difference.