Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pop-Up Cities

Thomas Mulready recently interviewed Terry Schwartz. The video can be viewed at . Mulready reported that Terry Schwartz is leading an urban revolution. She is from Kent State's Urban Design Team. (Yes, that would be the same Terry Schwartz that collaborated on the Wick Park Revitalization Plan) Rather than bemoan our post-industrial landscape she is taking her cue from the Europeans and creating Pop-Up Cities to enliven unused and overlooked urban sites for one day events. She was involved in a Pop-Up retail shop called Bazaar Bizarre, and more recently, Friday Febuary 29, 2008, she was involved in presenting Leap Night which featured a snow and ice installation, snowboarding, and a snowsuit fashion show in Cleveland. Although Art Youngstown has been creating pop-up art galleries, just imagine what else could pop-up in downtown Youngstown!

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